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AP HP Blouse

Not sure what the name of this blouse is but it is made of a satin chiffon type of material. Not sure if I should keep this because I'm uncertain on how I'm suppose to wash this type of material but may keep this just because I need a non highcollar black blouse.


Oh my gosh it's the Cards Queen Jumperskirt in Sax! I'm so happy I got this in the exact colorway I wanted, lol I was staring at this while it was in the outlet. Totally keeping.


Hmmmm....When I was first taking this out of the box and saw only the skirt part I was so ecstatic that I got one of my wishlist items in my lucky pack. Then I realized I got the Twilight Circus OP version....Atleast the sleeves are detachable but I rarely if ever wear OP's. I may have to sell this is as much as I love the print if I don't find a way to wear OPs more often.


I could always use more cardigans :)! A/P School Cardigan in navy, I love it.


While I was thinking about what A/P was probably gonna put in these lucky packs I was pretty certain one of these tent bags was going to appear. And I was right lol. I like it non the less, and was hoping I didn't get the navy and gold colorway cause I had no navy items to coordinate with at the time. But now that the lucky pack has provided me with so much navy items I might reconsider.


Usakumya brown pen and some Baby stationary :).


Teufel von Hameln OTK Socks in White x Sax to match my new sax jsk :D! Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box OTK socks in Navy to match the Twilight Circus OP I got. I will keep all these socks because I could never have too many OTK socks lol. Plus these socks are all in colorways I've been needing in my closet anyway.


Joker mini Pom Pom Beret to go with the twilight circus OP and a classic aatp white floral and lace headdress. Also Night Fairy Fantasia Necklace.


Jizelia Coat in Navy. On the fence about this one, not sure if I should sell. I had my heart hoping to get the Lady Pearl coat but I'll wait and see if this one grows on me. 


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