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Innocent World Retail Happy Pack 2012

I bought the happy pack at the retail Tokyo Rebel store 30 minutes or so after they announced they had a limited number for sale on their blog, luckily I was just 10 blocks away at the time :3! So I was the their first happy pack buyer yay.

Purchased for $238 ($219 plus NY tax) and they said the pack included one jsk, one blouse, one pair of socks and one hair accessory. They also said that the pack was a special one Innocent World created just for their retail stores so it was different than the ones they offered online to everyone else. Pretty sweetttt~

Off White Long Sleeved Blouse with Peter Pan Collar

I've been needing a long sleeved blouse for the winter and its exactly what I wanted! Fits me perfectly and its gorgeous! Made of a warm light weight fabric with a polkadot texture.

Beige x Chocolat OTK Socks

Antique Book JSK (short version) in Wine

I've never seen IW's Antique Book print released in this style of JSK before but I LOVE IT (even more so than the original) and I luckily got it in my favorite color variation too!!! I'm thinking they perhaps released this JSK just for this year's happy packs? Fits me great, though a little long...I'm like 4 foot 10 inches though so everything is alittle long on me hahaha. Definately keeping!!!!

Mini Antique Book Hair Clip in Wine

Matching hair clip to go with the JSK. Slightly disappointed I didnt get a full head bow, but glad it matches none the less.

Picture with everything on

Overall, I'm EXTREMELY happy with my happy pack! Completely worth more than the value (I'm not sure of the original value of the items though but seems like $500+), everything fits and everything is something I'd wear or had wanted :). If anyone can identify the blouse and socks I got, I'd really appreciate it <3

They still have more packs in store at Tokyo Rebel at the moment, so for those in the NY area head out to get one ASAP! Cause I'm really curious as to what the other happy packs had hmmm....


Items I'm Questing to Sell

General Sales Info
  • All prices are in US dollars
  • I do not smoke or own any pets
  • All prices do not include shipping unless stated as so
  • No Holds or Trades at this time (Moving Across Country - Everything MUST GO!!)
  • Not responsible for lost or stolen packages
  • Feel free to comment that you want something in case a transaction falls through
  • I am willing to negotiate prices if you buy more than one item


  • I only accept Paypal (both non cc and cc) 
  • I do not charge paypal fees
Shipping & Handling
  • All items will be shipped from Seattle, Washington 98146 USA
  • Willing to Ship Internationally
  • Please ask for shipping estimates if interested in purchasing or you can calculate it yourself using the given shipping weight for the item (Shipping within USA is typically from $5 - $10 depending on weight) 
  • Will combine shipping if requested
  • I am willing to do short layaways with a 50% non-refundable down payment

Feel free to ask any questions! ~ <3

h.Naoto Seven Blouse

Price: $160 $125 $75 (original store price: $220+)
Shipping Weight:
1 lb. 1 oz.
Condition: Brand New With Tags/Never Worn
Flat Measurements:
Bust - 39 cm / 36 inches
Shoulder Width - 32 cm / 16 inches
Front Length - 47 cm / 25 inches
Back Length - 42 inches
Sleeve Length - 56 cm / 22 inches

h.Anarchy Switch Stripe Shirt

Price: $130 $100 $70 $45 (original store price: $170+)
Shipping Weight:
 15 oz.
Condition: Brand New With Tags/Never Worn
Actual Store Measurements:
Bust - 94 cm / 37 inches
Shoulder Width - 41 cm / 16 inches
Length - 72 cm / 28.5 inches
Sleeve Length - 63 cm / 25 inches

Inspired by Union Jack! A playful and fun shirt!

H.jelly Cutsew

Price: $70 $55 $45 (original store price: $120+)
Shipping Weight: 13 oz.
Condition: Brand New With Tags/Never Worn
Flat Measurements:
Bust - 78 cm / 26 inches
Shoulder Width - 32 cm / 13 inches
Length - 47 cm / 19 inches
Waist - 74 cm / 28 inches
Sleeve Length - 56 cm / 22 inches

Made of a very strechy knit material. Can stretch alot to fit larger sizes.

H.naoto Blood Blouse

Price: $80 $65 $50 (original store price: $160+)
Shipping Weight: 1 lb. 3 oz.
Condition: Brand New With Tags/Never Worn
Flat Measurements:
Bust - 88 cm / 34 inches
Shoulder Width - 38 cm / 15 inches
Length - 62 cm / 24 inches
Waist - 86 cm / 34 inches
Sleeve Length - 62 cm / 24 inches


My First Fukubukuro <3 ~!

I've been having a lousy day since I'm still getting over a cold I contracted during New Years, so it really made me feel so much better when I was able to go pick up my package from the post office (I had missed the package when it was first delivered at 10:00 am when I was at my college). Anyway it was my first fukubukuro and I was excited to tear into it.

I'll probably end up using the bag to carry my books and art supplies around school.

The first things I pulled out was purple plaid Anarchy scarf and an Anarchy black high collared button up which I really loved but I really have nothing in my wardrobe that compliments the purple scarf. Unless I wear all black but I think that would look a little weird....^^;;

I was so suprised to get a blood shirt in my fukubukuro when I pulled it out since it was the H bag which the desciption said would possibly only contain H items, but oh well I really like the shirt so I'm not complaining XD! I also got an Anarchy long sleeve shirt which I might end up selling since I have a few shirts similar to it already.

My favorite thing from my fukubukuro by far had to be the jacket. It fits me perfectly except the coat tails makes me look far shorter than I already am >_<.

Overall I'm pretty happy with my fukubukuro, though I was wishing to get a skirt in my bag, and got like 3 shirts, a scarf and a jacket instead. They all fit me perfectly, and I really do love the jacket ^^. Hopefully once my second fukubukuro gets shipped out it has a skirt or else I'm gonna have a really big collection of tops and few bottoms to go with them XD. 


~ Wishlist <3 ~

Please don't message me with offers of variations of an item I list, I'm only interested in the one I had posted or mention. I pay with paypal and live in the USA.Thank you <3!

- Innocent World -
Grazia Crown High Waist JSK in Blue
Grazia Crown Overknee Socks in Beige x Blue
Grazia Crown Headband in Beige x Blue
Merry Go Around JSK in Bordeaux
Lotta JSK in Nordic Blue
Gertrude Skirt in Black
Tartan Check Skirt in Navy x Black
Delft Lotta Short JSK in Blue x Beige
Delft Lotta Headbow in Blue x Beige
Delft Lotta Over Knee Socks Beige x Blue

- Alice and the Pirates -
Queen's Coach Print Socks in Ivory
Queen's Coach Print Headbow in Ivory
Vampire Requiem Print Corset JSK in Red (2009) or Red (2011) or Blue (2011)
Vampire Requiem Corset Skirt in Red (2009) or Red (2011) or Blue (2011)
Lady Pearl Coat in Red
Masquerade Theatre JSK in Red
Night Fairy Fantasia JSK I in Cloud Sky


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